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Keep your pup engaged with this Multipet Swingin’ Safari Dog Toy. It provides hours of entertainment for dogs and their owners. The plush dog toy offers softness and sound, which makes playtime more exciting. It's great for a game of fetch while out back or at the park. The toy is large with long floppy arms and legs to entice play. The squeaker is also one that makes your pup want to come back for more. Big dogs and little all like the Swingin’ Safari dog toys.

  • Has long arms and legs to play tug with him
  • Multipet Monkey Dog Toy comes with embroidered eyes for added safety
  • Includes squeakers on hands, feet and more
  • Can be used to play fetch and catch as well
  • Will help you give your pup the exercise he needs
  • Color: elephant, giraffe, leopard and monkey

Swingin' Safari Plush Squeaky Monkey Dog Toy

SKU: 92131871-e687-4024-b855-3d6b472b43c3

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