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Say goodbye to overpowering litter box odors in your home with Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action clumping litter for multiple cats. We know you have no time to waste, and that's no problem with this unique scoopable litter formula. Our clumping cat litter features a quick-release deodorizing system to ensure immediate litter odor control, neutralizing ammonia, urine and fecal odors for all-in-one, 10-day-guaranteed odor control when used as directed. Put Purina Tidy Cats scented cat litter to work and help lock away odors with our Bright Outdoors scent to help maintain a fresh-smelling home. Our Tidy Cats Instant Action immediate odor control cat litter is formulated to help create an inviting atmosphere for multiple cats. Scoop and move on with your day by filling each litter box in your home with Purina Tidy Cats Instant Action low dust clumping cat litter for multiple cats. Have confidence knowing Tidy Cats is the brand most often chosen by veterinarians for personal use.

  • Quick-release deodorizing system ensures immediate odor control and the clay cat litter provides guaranteed 10-day odor control when used as directed
  • Low dust cat litter formula helps provide a clean pour
  • Backed by the Tidy Cats satisfaction guarantee, this clay kitty litter for multiple cats forms strong clumps that stay together for easy scooping and locks in moisture to keep cats dry
  • Crafted by the most often recommended and personally used brand by veterinarians, Purina Tidy Cats clumping litter with a Bright Outdoors scent protects against ammonia, urine and fecal odors
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Natural Clay Product With Deodorizing System./div>

Purina Clumping Cat Litter, Instant Action Multi Cat Litter, 14 Lb. Jug

SKU: f69f1d80-cb4c-4308-b7ba-b57f33dd49f1

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