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  • PREMIUM CATNIP: 100% Natural Premium North American Grown Catnip your feline friends are sure to enjoy
  • HISTORY OF EXCELLENCE: Cosmic Catnip has been made for over 30 years and is packaged here in Ohio. It is a great alternative to catnip sprays and safe for cats of all ages.
  • HIGH POTENCY: Our fragrant catnip has a tempting and enticing aroma to attract your cat into play time Cosmic Catnip will encourage playful behavior, watch them purrrr, scratch, and meow for hours of fun.
  • DETER DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR: Us our premium catnip with other cat toys, their favorite cat scratching post and cat scratcher to deter destructive behavior.
  • SUGGESTED USE: Catnip can safely be given every other day, however, effectiveness wears off with constant exposure. Giving your cat a break between exposures ensures enjoyment each time

Product Description

Natural Premium North American Grown Catnip

Mature Flowering Catnip

Break into Small Pieces

Watch your cat go COSMIC!

Premium Catnip - 2.25 Oz Jar of High Potency Catnip - 100% North American Grown

SKU: eab1d06c-87e9-46a7-b8ca-a9f80256a68a

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