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Your canine buddy will get hours of entertainment out of this Ol' Roy Natural Pork Femur Chew for Dogs. This tasty, naturally smoked pork femur provides a delicious, long-lasting challenge for active chewers. It relieves boredom, keeps your dog's jaw muscles in tip-top shape, and offers a tempting alternative to table legs and other favorite targets of idle canine mouths. Your dog will love our Ol' Roy Natural Pork Femur Chew for Dogs. Sam Walton lived his life with a passion ? whether it was building a successful business, relaxing at home with his family, or hunting with his favorite bird dog, Ol' Roy. Sam used to say, "I treated him like family." So when Sam Walton developed a dog food that would carry his dog's name, he wouldn't settle for anything but the best. Today, for millions of dog owners, Ol' Roy represents premium quality, top nutrition, excellent pet care, and great value. Just like Mr. Walton would have wanted.

  • Naturally smoked
  • Provides long-lasting chewing enjoyment
  • Promotes healthy chewing habits
  • Perfect reward for your good dog
  • Quality nutrition since 1981
  • Feeding dogs for over 35 years

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Natural Pork Femur Chew for Dogs, 1 Count, 9.28 Oz

SKU: 1be6230c-c7c9-4d91-b83f-9885001468bc

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